Performance Street Clutch


Performance street sets. Increased clamp pressure is the single most effective way to manage high horsepower or load, especially in street driven performance cars. Performance street pressure plates have 30% more clamp pressure than stock. The second important feature is smooth, chatter free operation, which we achieve with premium organic composite disc friction material. Also, discs feature an exclusive 8-spring hub assembly for added load capacity. Great driveability and control for power levels to 450 horsepower.

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RAM Clutches


56 & Up, 70 to 81


10.5" x 1 1/8" – 10 Spline, 10.5" x 1 1/8" – 26 Spline, 11.0" x 1 1/8" – 10 Spline, 11.0" x 1 1/8" – 26 Spline


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